GR Two Stage screw compressor

High pressure industrial air compressor 14-20 bar

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Minimal maintenance

Fewer components and a simpler design compared to piston compressors drastically reduce your maintenance requirements


Protect your production equipment

Available with integrated refrigerant dryer and moisture separator. The 2 stage air compressor GR Full Feature (FF) provides clean dry air for all your applications

Why work with a GR 2-stage rotary screw air compressor?

reduce operating costs,advanced design and high-quality materials,optimal control and efficiency with the Elektronikon Mk5,patented high-efficiency two stage rotary screw compressors,reliable operation in hot and dusty environments IP54 Motor, large oversized cooler blocks,reduced environmental impact low noise levels


Highly efficient and reliable in tough working conditions

The 2-stage compression element is proven to increase efficiency and reliability at high pressure in the harsh conditions of the mining industry